Opinion: There is No More Neutral


Today in Advanced Journalism class, we discussed the insurrection at the Capitol building, caused by Trump supporters. The building was infiltrated by domestic terrorists, while senators counted the electoral votes for president-elect Joe Biden. The domestic terrorists were carrying Trump flags, Blue Lives Matter flags, and Confederate flags. They were wearing antisemitic attire: a shirt which read “6mwne, 6 million was not enough.” They stormed the senators’ offices, destroyed windows, and stole the Speaker of the House’s podium.

We also reflected on the police’s reaction to the protesters. It is evident that the police reaction to this ‘protest’ was vastly different than that of the Black Lives Matter protests. I believe that this is important to discuss; however, I believe that the more pressing issue that we all must address is the domestic terrorists.

These MAGA supporters wreaked havoc on a building full of innocent people, people gathering to do their job, public servants. I cannot imagine how scared all of the people within the Capitol building were, as they called loved ones, and fled their place of work. Imagine having someone storm into your office and wreck your items and write a sign on your desk that read, “We will not back down.” No person deserves that, how do you go back to work the next day?

Now about the domestic terrorists themselves, this group is so full of hate. How are we supposed to ‘make America great again’ when they destroy the place in which legislation that shapes our nation is created? Not only did they invade our Capitol building, but the basis of their ideology is rooted in hate and intolerance. Hatred for anyone who is not white and non-Christian. Their ideal America is one where white people discriminate against people of color, Jewish people, Muslim people, Latinos, etc. They believe America was its greatest when white people had all the control, when there was Jim Crow, when there was slavery.

As I mentioned we addressed this topic in my journalism class, and we agreed to write an editorial on behalf of The Lobby Observer. One comment that came up was: “We should try to stay neutral in our statement.” I could not help myself, and I replied, “What does that even mean?” Everyone kind of paused, I could see their puzzled expressions. There is no neutrality in this situation.

There are Trump-loving, MAGA, domestic terrorists on one side, and the rest of the nation on the other side. If this was the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing, we would not be neutral. Why are these domestic terrorists being held to a lower standard? This is not a partisan issue. Many Democrats AND Republicans condemned the rioters to stop.

There is no neutral. We must call out the domestic terrorists for what they are. Donald Trump MUST be held accountable for this attack against our democracy. I am so disappointed I have to write this op-ed, but I cannot stay silent. You cannot stay silent either. Read read read. Talk with knowledgeable people in your life. And please spread positivity and love…our nation needs it right now.