WYFS Response to Attack on Capitol

Cara Presley, Director of Westborough Youth and Family Services

On behalf of Westborough Youth and Family Services (WYFS) and the Youth Commission I want to acknowledge and condemn yesterday’s attack on the U.S. Capitol, which was a violent attempt to disrupt our country’s democratic process. The response for many, upon seeing images and reading reports of yesterday’s unprecedented events, was a mix of disbelief, anger, fear, sadness, distrust and a sense of powerlessness.
As a department that prioritizes our community’s mental health, we offer you our support and care in this time of distress, and we encourage you to practice care for yourself and your loved ones:

· Limit your exposure to media.

· Connect with others who care about you, your feelings and values; avoid isolation.

· Seek outlets to express your feelings: write, create, move your body, listen to and make music; be in nature.

· Breathe deeply.

· Seek help if your distress is getting in the way of your functioning or leading to unsafe thoughts or behaviors. Call 911 if feeling unsafe. Call WYFS at 508-366-3090 to get connected to mental health services.

As an organization that values advocacy, respect and inclusion, we pledge to continue to work for justice and truth, and we commit to fostering strength and resiliency in our community and country. We invite you to join us in our resolve to help make 2021 a safer, healthier and more equitable new year!

Cara Presley, LICSW

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