One of the First Early Decision Colleges; WHS Seniors Commit to Northeastern

Emily Bruck '21, Co Editor

After what has felt like a never-ending and significantly altered fall of senior year, the Class of 2021 is just about at the close of the college process. Although seemingly different, and quite a struggle considering many students have been unable to tour colleges due to COVID-19, many students are hearing back from their top-choice schools. On December 9, at 7 p.m., our WHS seniors received their early decision acceptance letters to Northeastern University, committing themselves to the next four at their dream school.

Among the group admitted are Sarah Cox, Tammy Chen, Emma Colaco, and Vidya Ramalingam, who could not wait to share their experiences and feelings in this exciting time. 

The Early Decision deadline for Northeastern was November 1, and since that date, these seniors have waited in anticipation of the most exciting news of senior year. Each of them knew for sure NEU was the school for them and are ecstatic for the fall.

All four of these seniors have endless reasons for NEU being their dream school. Chen says it’s because of the many resources and opportunities at NEU, including co-ops, study abroad, and the size and location. Cox fell in love with the campus and the people at NEU after receiving a tour from former WHS students Alexa Vassilakis and Meghana Paras in October. 

Cox says, “Not only do I love the campus but they also have an entire college for my major.”  

Ramalingam says, “Northeastern has the best of both worlds where it’s right in the middle of Boston but still has a campus attached to it.” 

She continues, “I’ve always loved the pillars NEU follows, as well as the co-op program.”

Colaco chose Northeastern for two main reasons: co-op opportunities and location.

“Boston is a hub of medicine and research and along with Northeastern’s 6-month long co-ops, I know I’ll be able to advance my career in the field of biological sciences!”

Northeastern is known for its “cooperative program” which gives students the ability to study within their major professionally and outside of the academic environment while expanding their networks. This is a truly unique opportunity that not many schools around the country have – one that these four future huskies will surely take advantage of. 

Once at college, Chen plans to study chemical engineering and biochemistry, Ramalingam plans on computer science and mathematics, Cox will be studying health science and sociology, and Colaco plans on cell and molecular biology. 

When asked about their feelings about the rest of senior year, they admitted to being victims of the “senior slide”. 

“I’ve definitely started to slide…” Chen says, “Between zoom classes and online work it’s hard to stay motivated, especially as a senior.” 

Cox comments, “The senior slide is real… but it still hasn’t hit me that we’re actually graduating in a few months.” 

So, what are their next steps? Oftentimes, at this point, it’s common to connect with other accepties, interact through social media, and explore roommate options.

Chen shares she hasn’t dug in yet, she’s taking the process slow and plans to dive into it in the coming weeks. Ramalingam agrees and would rather wait until more groups (Early Action and Regular Decision) have been accepted so she can get to know more people. 

Cox has interacted with the class Instagram, saying, “It’s been really interesting meeting people online from all over the world and seeing the journeys that led them to Northeastern!” 

Colaco has joined accepted student groups and is finding it really exciting to meet so many new people. 

When asked what advice they would give to upcoming seniors about the college process, Chen says, “Avoid pushing off every application until the deadline. Just try to stay on top of everything, it will definitely make the college process ten times easier!” 

Cox’s biggest piece of advice, although admittedly easier said than done, would be to “not take high school so seriously,” she continues, “you don’t need to have straight A’s or be president of every club or be a varsity starting player to be an amazing student and person!” 

Cox welcomes juniors or underclassmen to reach out to her for advice on the college process through her email: [email protected]

Colaco says, “Don’t worry if you haven’t had a dream school for the past five years; find a school that fits you best and go for it!”

Ramalingam advises, “My best advice would be not to focus too much on where your friends are applying or what anyone else has to say about the college process.” 

She continues, “Someone recently told me that you can only control so much and the college process is one that is out of your control once you submit your application, so do your best with what you have and know that in the end you gave it your all!” 

All of our seniors, applying early decision, not yet accepted, or waiting for their regular decision results any day now can offer great advice to not only the college process, but also how to navigate applying to college during COVID-19. After such a year of ups and downs, it is exciting to finally see a bunch of ups as our seniors commit and continue their journey towards the end of high school.