Mrs. Costa, Living the Math Dream

Westborough High School math teacher, Mrs. Costa, grew up in Norwood, Massachusetts. At a young age she realized her career dream was to be a teacher. Greatly influenced by her father, Mrs. Costa set out to pursue that dream during her years of education.

She attended Norwood High School where her favorite subject was Spanish.

After high school she attended Assumption College where she studied Math, Spanish, and Secondary Education. Although Spanish was a primary focus for Mrs. Costa in high school and college, her love of math is what brought her to Westborough High School.

Mrs. Costa has been teaching for nine years, all of which have been at Westborough High School, including her years of student teaching.

Currently, Mrs. Costa teaches Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Accelerated Algebra 2. When asked what her favorite aspect of teaching is, she replied, “relating to the students and making a difference in their lives.”

Her devotion to her students is not only shown through her years of teaching math, but also through her involvement in numerous sports teams, programs, and activities. Along with teaching her regular classes, Mrs. Costa is also the yearbook advisor, swim coach, a mentor for the Charlotte Spinney Scholar Program, and a regular fan for many of the school sporting events.

Mrs. Costa’s passion for teaching has made her who she is today: a beloved teacher, coach, and mentor at Westborough High School.