WHS Midterm and Finals Cancelled

Evan Vassilakis '21, Contributing Writer

This fall, Westborough High School cancelled midterms and finals. Due to COVID-19, Administration decided to drop midterm and final exams to maximize learning time and to decrease student and faculty stress levels.

Students are overwhelmingly emphatic about the cancellations. Not only were they happy about the stress reliever, they also recognize the positive effect it’ll have on their grades.

One student mentions “It never felt like midterms did anything. They just added stress and killed my grades.”

Another says “Our understanding of concepts are reflected in our quarter and semester grades.”

There is still overlap between the opinions of students and teachers. English teacher Mrs. Corsa thinks similarly to the students.

She says, “I can still create the same evaluative assignments that would have been measured by a midterm exam.”

Mrs. LaPlatney of the Language Department believes this will positively affect students in that it will allow the teachers to spend more time with their students.

“The calendar would be even further out of whack (if there were midterms) and we would have less time with students,” comments Mrs. LaPlatney.

Overall, the general consensus among both students and staff is that this is a great decision.