STUCO President Profile: Ethan Chan


Neha Paras '21

WHS Senior Ethan Chan, Student Council President, displays the Massachusetts Student Council Top Ten Project Award for last year’s Mental Health week.

Jack Bedar '23, Contributing Writer

WHS senior Ethan Chan has been attending school in Westborough ever since he moved here from Indiana when he was a child.

During his years in Westborough, Chan has been part of several clubs. He is the president of Science Olympiad, Tri-M secretary, a member of National Honors Society, and a heavy participant in symphonic band, pit ensemble, and in district band.

Chan is also president of the Student Council. When he was a freshman, he walked onto the Student Council after running and losing the position of treasurer. During his sophomore year, he took on the leadership role of historian. His junior year he was events overseer. Now in his final year of high school and student council he is the president.

“I felt it was a natural progression, from historian to events overseer onto then president, it all felt natural,” Chan shares.

He also describes how watching Harrison Israel, the president during his sophomore year, showed him how much fun it could be as president. This year was not what he was expecting when he ran for the presidency as at the time we were still in school and not in a hybrid model.

Chan shares, ”We have still been able to do community service like usual which has been helpful for the community.”

In regards to other events though, it’s been a lot of trouble as he has little to no guidelines of what is allowed with Covid.

Chan has advice for students who want to aspire to be a leader in a club, “Just get involved, if you do stuff people will see you want to get involved.”

That was similar to what he said about advice for freshmen.

“Talk to people. If you want to achieve or get further in high school, talk to older kids and your peers,” Chan comments.

He wants all students to really try and get to know older kids as they can help with almost everything in school.

Chan is unsure of what his future plans are. If able, he hopes to attend a small liberal arts college in the northeast.