Staying Informed: 2020 Election Update

Emily Bruck '21, Co Editor

It has proven rather difficult to keep track of all the chaos going on in our modern society. Whether it’s the global pandemic, the racial issues that continue to be a major social justice issue in our country in the past few months, or whatever the latest President Trump has decided, the United States seems to almost constantly be in conflict. Nonetheless, right now it is more important than ever to stay informed in politics, and specifically with the upcoming Presidential Election. On November 3, 2020 Americans will cast their ballots for their candidate. This election will determine the scope of the next four years.

So how are the polls looking right now? 

The New York Times/Sienna pollings after the first Presidential Debate on Tuesday, September 29 are definitely worth considering. According to NYT, a “poll finds voters in two crucial states repelled by Trump’s debate behavior”: Florida and Pennsylvania. The poll shows Former Vice President Joe Biden leading in Pennsylvania by seven points and ahead in Florida by five points. 

The most interesting part of these new polls is that Biden gained these points following the debate, showing that “voters were repelled by Trump’s debate behavior,” according to The Times. The Washington Post calls Pennsylvania “the battle ground state”, also claiming that Joe Biden leading in the polls as of right now. 

Another poll that tracks the presidential nominees nationally from The Washington Post records that Former Vice President Joe Biden is currently leading President Trump by 10%. As of September 24, he has 53% compared with Trump’s 43%, the other 4% among those who choose “other”, “neither”, “would not vote” or “no opinion”. This is remarkable data, and if it’s accurate, then it looks like President Trump’s four years will be coming to an end after a lengthy and vicious race. 

There’s no shortage of information out there to keep students constantly updated. Credible news sources, educated and active voters, and simply personal research can keep the majority informed. In election races, the political conversation is constantly changing, so it is critical for people to stay up to date.