Girls Soccer Kicks Off Season with Two Wins

Kayleigh McCabe '21, Features Editor

With the WHS girls soccer season just beginning, the Rangers are already 2-0 on the season. The season looks a bit different though; with COVID-19 playing a huge role in the sports world, many new guidelines have been instituted to keep the players and teams safe, but also enjoying the game they love.

The new guidelines have taken away huge advantages towards the game including no heading the ball, six feet of distance between each player, wearing a mask, no throw-ins and no basic corner kicks.
The first game of the season kicked off at Wachusett Regional High School where the Rangers took the lead of a 3-2 win. This past Thursday, October 8, Westborough held their first home-opener and senior day game against Leominster resulting in a 2-1 win.

Their six seniors including the three captains: Jane Pittorino, Emma Mumby, and Kayleigh McCabe, were celebrated along side Kimberly Huang, Meghan Kincaid, and Cynthia Zhang.

Mumby reflected on this special day: “The speeches and the posters were the thing that really meant the most because it showed how much our teammates and coaches valued us these past years.”

She also explains how COVID-19 has affected her senior year: “When the guidelines were first released I was very frustrated… I feel like most things have been a disappointment, in school and sports, just because I know what it has been like in the past.”

Mumby explains though, that she is thankful for the season they have and has a “mindset like it will be my last.”

She is looking forward to enjoying every last moment of her high school soccer career and the game she loves.

Pittorino says, “ It definitely wasn’t our best game… I think we were not mentally prepared for the effort we needed to put in on Thursday. Luckily, we did get the win which was great considering it was our senior game.”

She continues on how COVID-19 has impacted her season by stating, “I’m so grateful that we are able to complete this year considering the circumstances. We have a great group of girls. We all really get along… It makes a huge difference and makes the season very enjoyable.”

For Pittorino, she is excited for the rest of the soccer season despite everything going on and is looking forward to enjoying her last season here at WHS with her teammates.

The Rangers are looking to the remainder of their season to keep their winning streak alive.
Algonquin hosts their next game Tuesday, October 12 at 6pm. For those of you at home who can’t attend games, Westborough TV and other town stations have created a live stream where viewers can watch at home.