WHS Starts Herren Project Club Chapter

Chris Herren, basketball phenom and NBA star, led an amazing career only for it to come to a halt due to experiencing the disease of addiction. After years of rehabilitation, Herren decided to not only further his recovery, but also develop an organization to assist others in their prevention, treatment, and recovery.

In pursuing this goal, he founded Purple Project, later renamed Herren Project, a nonprofit organization designed to help prevent addictions and empower people to be the best versions of themselves. The Herren Project raises money to help with the high cost of treatment and recovery while promoting the notion that substances aren’t necessary to have enjoyment in your life. To continue helping this cause, Herren travels the country speaking about his experiences and motivating others not to venture down the same path he did. In addition to his speeches, Herren co wrote Basketball Junkie (Herren and Reynolds), a book that captured his journey battling addiction.

Nationwide, there are chapters of Herren Project that help to locally spread the message that the organization encourages. Freshmen Shannon Clark and Emily Coffey are kickstarting the Westborough chapter of HPC with the help of Mrs. Stoker, Mrs. Papetti, Mrs. Cellucci, and Mr. DeBoer. They aim to plan and create fun events, not only for club members, but to anyone in the WHS community as an outlet to take a break in a safe and healthy way.

Leadership skills coincide with making healthy choices and will be one of the main focuses of the club meetings. Stress management will also be incorporated as it is a struggle for high school students across the globe. HPC at Westborough High School will be a safe environment for anyone to come to and have a fun time while staying safe and healthy. The Westborough chapter wants to focus on developing the quality of becoming a game changer and leader, in addition to raising money for Herren Project’s efforts.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in joining, please contact Emily Coffey, Shannon Clark, Mrs. Stoker, or Mrs. Papetti. To learn more or become involved, check out HPC’s instagram account or website.

Emily Coffey: [email protected]
Shannon Clark: [email protected]
Mrs. Stoker: [email protected]
Mrs. Papetti: [email protected]
Herren Project Instagram: @herrenproject
Herren Project Website: https://herrenproject.org/

Image link: https://theherrenproject.networkforgood.com/