Senior Testimonial: Lobby-O Co Editor Miara Sasdi


Botamina Girgis

Miara Sasdi '20, Co Editor

After four years of journalism, I never thought that the time would actually come to write my own senior testimonial, and I surely never thought I would be writing mine under these circumstances. Since I was a freshman in Journalism I, I have watched as each class of journalism seniors prepared to leave for their next steps as I stayed behind to read what they left as their final mark on Westborough High School: a senior testimonial. Each year I would take the time to read the advice they would write about and how to truly take in the high school experience.

Now that it is my turn, I can officially confirm that all of the cliches that are written about time flying by and living in the moment are completely true. As a member of the class of 2020, I think these cliches have taken on a whole new meaning.

Unlike any class that has preceded before me, my last day of high school was Friday, March 13. It wasn’t like the usual last day of senior year with everyone showing up in their senior tye-dye, signing each other’s yearbook, and enjoying an ice cream sandwich. For my last day, I would say less than half the grade was even there.

I think this time period has given us a new appreciation for both the big and the little things. Our class exemplifies the importance of living in the moment and enjoying what we do have because, like we have experienced, it can so easily be taken away from us. With that said, I am so appreciative of all the time that I did spend at Westborough High School. That can’t be taken from me.

As I think about my time during high school and my favorite memories, it’s not the big events like Prom and the first day of senior year, although those were exciting events, that come to mind. To me, I think about game days for lacrosse, talking with my friends and teachers in class, and hanging out in the Student Council room after school. I think it’s also important to recognize that there were bad days because, believe me, not every moment of high school is glorious.

Throughout my time in high school, I have been constantly surrounded by two types of people: those who could not wait to leave this school and town and those who were holding onto every last moment. For me, I think of myself as someone right in between. I really tried to soak up all parts of high school, both the good and the bad, but I know when my times that I will be excited for what is ahead of me.

There are a lot of teachers, people, and experiences I am so appreciative of and a lot of people that I must thank because I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. First, thank you to Westborough High School and to the town community as a whole. Although it is a bubble, this is my home, and it has provided me with so many opportunities, experiences, and memories.

I also want to thank my teachers who have done so much for me throughout these past few years. First, thank you to Mrs. Stoker and The Lobby Observer for helping me to become a better writer, providing me with unique experiences, and allowing me to explore my passions. Not too many students can say they have had a teacher for all four years of high school.

I also want to thank Mrs. Costa. Although she was stuck with me for two years in a row, she gave me a class to look forward to, made me laugh every day, and taught me so much.

Thank you to the amazing sports teams that I have been a part of, including basketball, swim team, and lacrosse. Thank you to Student Council for being my second family, for giving me a place to grow and thrive, and for giving me a platform to create change and leave my mark.

Most importantly I have to thank my family: my mom and brother, Max. They have always provided me with unconditional love and support, and they have helped me through my lows and laughed and smiled with me through my highs. Most importantly, thank you to my mom for making my lunch for me every day since I was in kindergarten, especially on those days when she forgot it was a half-day so she packed it anyway. If I was having a bad day at school I could always count on having a good lunch.

So my answer to the big question of how to fully live the high school experience is pretty simple. Take it all in. And I mean all of it. Both the good and the bad because that is what makes it high school. Don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t worry about what people think because whether you like it or not high school is four years. To some, that may seem like a lot, but too many it flies by faster than you could ever imagine. Go out to that sports game on Friday night even if you were planning to stay at home, thank that teacher or friend, join a new club, try out for a new team, and learn as much as you can.

I remember when I was a freshman and it was near the time of the seniors getting ready to graduate that I was in the car with my mom on one of our weekly rides to Target. As we took a left turn from Mill Road onto Fisher Street I remember turning to mom and saying, “It’s crazy, the seniors who are graduating, everything is over for them,” and as we turned right onto Otis Street my mom laughed and responded, “No Miara, this is just the beginning for them.”

Now as a senior I get it. The past 18 years of my life have been preparing me for the journey I am about to take. Although this may be the end of high school and I am leaving a lot, there are so many new doors opening for me. I am excited to take on my next challenge at the University of Maryland where I will study Criminology and Criminal Justice.

These are definitely crazy times. I mean crazy. Nobody would have thought that we would be living in a global pandemic, and this is definitely not how I expected to end my senior year. To be honest, I still don’t think it has hit me yet, and I am not sure when it’s going to. Although our lives are forever changed, I am confident that when I look back on my time at Westborough High School I can say I truly took it all in and left my mark in the way that I wanted to.