WHS Teacher Profile: Mr. Brown’s Prerogative

Tabish Hussain '22, Contributing Writer

Mr. Brown is an iconic member of the Westborough High School staff and English Department. He is quite a unique and amiable person who comes to WHS with a smile everyday.

Because Mr. Brown is a high school English teacher, many students might think that he was the ideal student at school. However, he was the opposite, and quite a rebellious student. Mr.Brown went to Marian High School in Framingham, Massachusetts, which was a private school that is now permanently closed.

Although Mr.Brown spends every day in school teaching students in a classroom, he despised school as a child. He would always get in trouble, and he said, “I would spend a lot of time with the dean of students.”

Students would earn demerits as a way of disciplining students for bad behavior, and each year a student would have a cap of 25 demerits before getting expelled. Mr. Brown ended his sophomore year with 22 demerits and topped that with 23 his senior year.

Mr.Brown always enjoyed reading books and discussing them. “It wasn’t until college that I found my academic footing.”

Mr.Brown was never inspired by his English teachers growing up. He stated,”I never had a good English teacher until I was in college.”

He majored in English because that was something Mr.Brown had a passion for. The idea of reading books and talking about them while getting paid sold him to the teaching job.

Outside of school Mr. Brown has many interesting hobbies.

He loves hiking, and he has a goal to climb the New Hampshire 48 which are 48 four-thousand foot mountains. In fact when hiking he shares how he saved fellow English teacher Mr. Myers’ life. During a 2 day, 3 night backpacking trip, a black bear came awfully close to Mr.Myers while he was eating food. He protected Mr.Myers while stepping in front of him and flailing his checkered hiking poles in a successful attempt to scare the bear.

Mr. Brown also loves woodworking as he has a workshop in his house. He builds cabinets and tables. He also loves traveling down to North Carolina every other year, because he enjoys driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Finally he shared, “I like having the summers off, make sure that’s in there.”