Never Stop Dancing: A way to get moving at home

Sarah Corcoran

Bored at home while social distancing and need something to do? Maybe something that’s fun and will burn off some energy? Missing the gym or your exercise class?  “The Never Stop Dancing” youtube channel will have you up on your feet! It’s easy and enjoyable dance moves for every level and it also will help you exercise in the best way possible. This is a great alternative that will also keep you active. 

The channel has a variety of songs from Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” to more recent music such as Taylor Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down” that was released just last year in 2019. Not only do they offer these dance videos but before getting into it, you can learn all the steps in a tutorial video.

The Youtube channel has over 25,000 subscribers. I personally can’t find any other channels that are as fun and easy to learn as the dances that they choreograph. 

When I asked my mom what she liked most about it she said, “I like how it’s fast-paced but not too hard to keep up with and the dance moves are pretty simple even for someone that hasn’t had much experience dancing before.”