Fire + Ice Review

Savannah Shepherd

After reading mixed reviews about Fire + Ice in Boston, I was skeptical of visiting again. On OpenTable, a reservation website, customers were leaving reviews that reported the restaurant had remained open during a severe renovation and the atmosphere was a letdown. This worried me because I was searching for a place in Boston to take my cousin to, who rarely visits this city. I noticed that the reviews were from November and early December of 2019, which made me think the renovations might be finished and I took my shot. I brought my friends and cousin there the week after Christmas and it seemed to be finished as the only noticeable change was the seating, colors of the wall and decor, which was a little disappointing. 

My previous visit was my first time at this restaurant and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, especially for the price. Their lunch special, all you can eat, is $12.99, with dinner at $23.99. The restaurant is set up like a market, with a variety of raw and cold foods lined along a wall for you to choose from. The food wall is divided into sections that go along with a certain category, such as noodles, vegetables, fruits, meats, and sauces. The combinations are endless, encouraging even the pickiest eaters to try new meals! Personally, I do two plates in order to get my money’s worth, which normally includes a hamburger with sauteed vegetables and a sweet barbeque sauce followed by a chicken stir fry with rice and soy sauce.

From there, head to the round grill where three or four chefs will be cooking your meal hibachi style. It’s very entertaining to watch the chefs in action, along with the anticipation of getting the hot meal on your plate! Another part of the experience was the funky colors and hanging decorations which help give that fun, family-friendly feel to the restaurant. The inside, on the other hand, was relatively bland with neutral interiors and fewer booth tables than before. Thankfully, the altered interior did not include the food, because it was just as great as I remembered!

Fire + Ice’s convenient location near Newbury Street, the Prudential Center, and the Freedom Trail makes it a worthy spot to enjoy tons of unique food! I was able to make a whole afternoon out of my visit by dining during their lunch period, then walking to Chinatown and back to Prudential Center for desserts at Eataly and inexpensive parking. Both my experiences with this restaurant have been great and I would highly recommend others to give Fire + Ice a shot.