Personal Commentary on this season of The Bachelor

Sarah Corcoran and Corina Gencarelli

The Bachelor is starting season 24 with Peter Weber as bachelor, who got his heartbroken on season 15 of The Bachelorette by Hannah Brown. This season is supposedly going to be “the most dramatic season ever” says host Chris Harrison, but he says that every season. With night one already out of the way, we are already seeing a lot more tears compared to other seasons. Here is a rundown of each contestant with some personal commentary:


Alayah. Age: 24

Avonlea. Age: 27

Courtney. Age: 26

Deandra. Age: 23 The Windmill- she stepped out of the limo wearing windmill blades which was where Hannah Brown and Peter had intimate moments together

 Eunice. Age: 23  The Angel- she wore angel wings because she is a flight attendant and she’s just going to wing it

 Hannah Ann. Age: 23  First impression rose- gives Peter a painting and gets the first kiss. Also goes back multiple times to take to him

Jade. Age: 26

Jasmine. Age: 25

Jenna. Age: 22 Cow Lady- she decided to bring her emotional support cow on the show

Katrina. Age: 28

Kelley. Age: 27 Hotel Girl- she met Peter before the show in a hotel when she was deciding on doing the show

Kelsey. Age:28

Kiara. Age: 23 Baggage- she popped out of a suitcase instead of a limo

Kylie. Age: 26

Lauren. Age: 26

Lexi. Age: 26

Madison. Age: 23 The Paper Airplane- she showed up dressed as a paper airplane

Maurissa. Age: 23

Megan: 26

Mykenna: Age 22

Payton. Age: 23

Natasha: Age 31

Sarah. Age: 24

Savannah. Age: 27 The blindfolder- she blindfolded Peter and got the first kiss of the season

Shiann. Age: 27

Sydney. Age: 24

Tammy. Age: 24

Victoria F. Age: 25

Victoria P. Age: 27 The Barfer- has a dramatic flashback to the teacups at Disney World then throws up on the flight simulator


At the rose ceremony 8 girls went home:

Avonlea, 27-year-old cattle rancher from Texas

Eunice, 23-year-old flight attendant from Illinois

Jade, 26-year-old flight attendant from Arizona

Jenna, 22-year-old nursing student from Illinois

Katrina, 28-year-old pro sports dancer from Illinois

Kylie, 26-year-old entertainment sales associate from California

Maurissa, 23-year-old patient care coordinator from Georgia

Megan, 26-year-old flight attendant from California