Tommy Mcginn: the Rising JV2 Basketball Star

When most people think about high school sports, they think of the varsity or JV 1 teams, but the freshman team deserves to be talked about as well. The freshmen on the JV 2 teams are the future of their sports program, and it’s an important transition year for them from middle school to high school athletics. Starting point guard Tommy Mcginn is a good example of a freshman we should pay attention to. In the team’s first game, he dropped an impressive 13 points in the team’s win. While Shepherd Hill might not be the toughest opponent the team will play this year, the opener was still a good win. Mcginn said, “Shepherd Hill wasn’t the best team, but it doesn’t take away from a good performance.” He believes that the team will have a very good season this year. When asked about the strength of the team, Mcginn comments on their depth. He believes that there are no weak players on the team and that everyone contributes in a different way, which allows them to play at their best. While some teams have only scorers or good defenders, that’s not the case with this team. Having a balanced roster allows them to adapt to any situation the game may throw at them. 

Freshman year is a very important transition year from middle school, in terms of both academics and athletics. While some people have a difficult time transitioning into high school, Mcginn said he hasn’t had an issue. When asked about time management, he said it wasn’t hard to balance basketball with other activities, commenting that middle school basketball helped him in getting used to it. The fact that middle school and high school both have practice every day has made Mcginn used to this schedule. He also said that this year he feels he’s representing the school more, even if he’s just a freshman. While the season has gone well so far, he still wants to improve and accomplish more. Mcginn says he wants to fill a larger role on the team, possibly a leadership role as well. He also wants to continue to score a good amount of points in each game. He also says that because of his role at point guard, he wants to work on his passing game. He recognizes that good ball movement starts with the point guard so he believes if he can accomplish this the team will be much better off. If you a chance to see them, the team plays on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. Their next games are on January 7 at Nashoba and on January 10 at Shrewsbury. Both games start at 4:00.