Senior Profile: Mat Rosa

Kyla Kamugu

Matheus Rosa is one of the most known students of Westborough High School due to his football career and iconic comeback this season from a torn ACL. He is one of the three talented football captains who led our Ranger’s through this year’s season. As a player, he has hope for the Ranger football team even as he graduates.

Having been a part of the school system for a long time, Mat says that senior year is the best year for him. He is part of the uppermost class in the school which makes him happy because he gets to have the freshmen look up to him as an example. To him, Westborough High has taught him good morals and respect that has helped him grow as a person in different parts of his life.

His decision to go into the military right after high school is not one that you see often. Growing up, Mat had family friends that were in the military that increased his love for service that eventually became his chosen path after high school. He is branching into the Air Force and can’t wait to start his training and meet new people.

Coming from a Brazillian American family, he enjoys the benefits that come with both cultures. He is super proud of his culture and says that he is very thankful to be getting the best of both worlds. He speaks Portuguese and English and is a huge family guy. He receives a lot of support from his family and they are super supportive of his decision to go to the military as they have always wanted him to do something with law enforcement. His older brother is one of his role models and looks up to him for a lot of things.

Besides football Mat has a passion for photography which he has featured on his brand new Instagram account. As a career option in the Air Force, he hopes to be able to do some photojournalism during his time in service that we will hopefully see on his new page!

Most people might not know this but Mat has an interest in politics and is not afraid to express his political opinions. The election of Donald Trump influenced his interest in politics and he found a better option in the Democratic candidate Andrew Yang. His policy of a Freedom Dividend has resonated with Mat and he hopes to be able to vote for him next year in the general elections. 

Mat prides himself in being an open person and an open book, he likes meeting new people. His hobbies outside the football field are photo editing and watching sports. Like most people, he likes listening to music and his current favorites are The Weekend and Travis Scott. When asked what he would say to the current freshmen he said, “Take life one step at a time, high school goes by so fast so just live in the moment.”