The Current State of Kanye West

Noah Lieberman '21 and Tyler Ramm '21, Contributing Writers

For the past two years, popular rapper Kanye West has been promising loyal fans new music, but just days before the projects drop, they are delayed indefinitely. Recently, his newest album Jesus is King was set to release on September 27, according to a post on his wife Kim Kardashian West’s instagram. 

But, the 27th came and went, and there was no sign of the album dropping. Early the next morning, on Saturday, Kardashian West posted another picture to her instagram story stating that Kanye was adding finishing touches to the album, and that it would drop Sunday night. But, yet again, the album did not release. 

“It’s unfortunate that such an inspiring artist can continue to delay his album after promising it to the fans,” WHS student Colin West says. 

Like West, many are outraged over the artist’s album delays. This wasn’t the first time that Kanye left fans hanging, either. Last September another album was set to release, titled Yandhi.

Of course, fans all over the world were ecstatic for the album to release, but it was delayed in the last hours before becoming available, and in the coming months, the project was scrapped altogether. 

Since the proposed album release, West has toured the country to perform what are known as the  “Sunday Service.” In these performances, West alongside a complete gospel choir sing and rap to find salvation in God. According to Kanye fans that attended the services, they felt a spiritual connection to Christ while singing. But, besides the uncommon appearances across the nation, there has only been radio silence from the rapper. 

Many still patiently await any news relating to the missing albums, and although Jesus is King has not yet been scrapped, there is no news confirming its whereabouts either. Fans are hopeful that the album will drop before the end of the year.