From Doughnuts to Coffee, Rocco’s has it all!


Kiley Vallee

Rocco’s Doughnuts Company continues to be a popular breakfast spot for Westborough residents.

Kiley Vallee '22 and Kylie Parsons '22

Rocco’s Doughnut Company has been a delicious addition to Westborough’s food industry. Starting up in Millbury, and then opening another location in Westborough last year, Rocco’s Doughnuts makes doughnuts daily that come in a variety of flavors for all preferences. 

Their main appeal is that all their doughnuts are hand-cut every morning and even come in pizza boxes because of their incredible size!  Cars often fill the parking lot and people form long lines out the door.  

Each month, they have a new menu filled with unique flavors ranging from Cinnamon Toast Crunch to Cannoli. From topping doughnuts with cereals to mimicking a day at the beach, there are lots of doughnuts to appeal to every customer’s appetite. 

Monthly menus are sectioned by raised, cake, and filled doughnuts which are very informational in choosing a yummy doughnut. In the mood for a classic apple doughnut? They have a plain apple cider doughnut waiting for you! Or when you are in the mood for something chocolatey? There is an M&M Cookie Monster waiting for you.

Customers are greeted when they walk in, with smiles and a waft of pleasantly smelling doughnuts. The dedicated staff is always willing to help between making a decision on doughnut flavors as well as asking their customers if they have any questions. The accessible staff makes customers feel welcome.

Not only does Rocco’s sell delicious doughnuts, but they also have rich coffee as an energizing way to start the day. They have many flavors in iced and hot coffee. 

A 96 oz box of coffee is $18. One doughnut at Rocco’s is $3.50 which may seem expensive, however, the size of the doughnut is enough for a meal, and then some! They also sell doughnuts by the dozen for $34. 

Need to cater breakfast? On their website, you can pre-order doughnuts for any event. There are so many different options for ordering your doughnuts. 

Rocco’s Instagram @roccodoughnutco is also a way they spread their eye-catching doughnuts. With 15k followers, they spread their flavors of the month, photos of their doughnuts and upcoming events.

3 Colonial Drive, Westborough Massachusetts 

Store Hours: Thursday-Sunday 6:30am-1pm OR until sold out

Closed Monday through Wednesday