Kyla Kamugu

When you pass by the C-wing you always smell something good, something that pulls you in and reminds you of milk and cookies on a Christmas night or grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner; if that’s the case, you have probably passed Mrs. Leuci’s cooking class. 

Susan Beth Leuci is the Westborough High School Family and Consumer Science teacher, located in room C213. Her cooking classes are popular for making you wish you had eaten breakfast in the morning because of all the delicious and tantalizing aromas they generate.

She was born in Douglas, Massachusetts and went to their high school. Mrs. Leuci won the Golden Scholastic Award and had her art put on display at the Prudential Center in Boston.

In college she studied home economics and had a full-time job at Jordan Marsh as a gift wrapper. At the age of 21, she had opened five gift wrapping kiosks known as WRAPPERS LIMITED run by family and friends at five different malls which she later shut down.

After graduating college she worked for a credit union company and worked her way to becoming a manager where she dealt with credit fraud and worked closely with the Secret Service and the US postal service security to catch the people committing credit fraud. She left after a few years and went back to school to get her teaching license because as a manager she always enjoyed the teaching part of her job and discovered her love for teaching. 

The room C213 has been her home for fifteen years and the best class to any student taking her class; torturous for any hungry student in the next class. The number of students taking cooking over the years has adopted a positive scale on the graph of growth for many various reasons. Unlike most schools when this happened, rather than closing its doors and shutting down its oven, Westborough high bought some new ovens and widened its doors and the variety of classes and dishes to be made in the kitchens.

 Mrs. Leuci calls this the “if you don’t have it create it attitude” that is dominant at Westborough Highschool and its surrounding community.

Mrs. Leuci is always running up and down especially now with the installation of a brand new kitchen space in her room to accommodate more students in class. When asked what she likes to do for fun she mentioned taking long walks, spending time with family, reading and experimenting with new recipes at her home kitchen. 

As a person who has passed down and received cooking skills from her family, Mrs. Leuci hopes to pass on a love and curiosity for food down to her students. She said her cooking classes are “a  foundation necessary for surviving life outside highschool and they give you skills needed to live in the hustle and bustle of the real world.”

As a believer of the phrase ‘mise en place’ Mrs. Leuci hopes to pass on discipline to her students that will help them survive the hustle and bustle of the real world. 

When asked what to tell potential future students to expect Mrs. Leuci says, “it is not an easy A class you have to put in hard work that will give you a beautiful, fun and delicious result.”