Westborough’s Newest Math Teacher: Mrs. Sullivan

Ella Masciarelli and Dani Nigg

You may have her as a teacher or have seen her around the school, as WHS welcomed Mrs. Sullivan as an addition to the Math department. Sullivan is quite familiar with the school district as she is a Westborough High School Alumni. She has been teaching for the past four years at Clinton High School for grades 8-12.

Originally in middle school, Sullivan wanted to be a Spanish teacher based on her love for the language but later in her education, Sullivan attended UMass Amherst to earn her bachelor’s in business administration with corporation finance and minored in Spanish.

She then went on to Lesley University to earn her graduate degree in high school mathematics. Mrs. Sullivan knew she wanted to teach math because she believes it is similar to puzzles and there are so many different ways to teach the subject. She also enjoys helping others and believes it is satisfying to see a student have an understanding of the problem.

Mrs. Sullivan believes that teaching in a visual way benefits the students the most. She enjoys using the document camera and whiteboard to write examples down and walk students through problems. She uses color to differentiate and highlight key terms that may be important for a test. She believes that color coding is a great way to help a student learn mathematics in a visual style. 

Sullivan has had many great moments in her career such as having students come back to her and say they understand the topic or that they enjoy math. 

The highlight of Mrs. Sullivan’s career thus far was last year, a senior wrote her a letter about how she made a difference in her life and how Sullivan’s classroom was a safe space for her. For Sullivan that really hit home.

Despite being a newer teacher at WHS, Mrs. Sullivan has already put smiles on many of her students’ faces. If you are looking for math help or a safe and positive place to be, her room is the perfect place to go.