Meet the New Mr WHS: Pranava Kumar

Zach Walker ’19 Nick Ramm ’21

In case you missed it, last Thursday, May 16, Westborough High School had its 9th annual and arguably best showing of the Mr. WHS competition. It was an amazing time for anyone who went and the competitors’ performances reflected the hard work, dedication and especially fun that went into preparing for the annual fundraiser. All ten contestants did an amazing job, but only one can hold the title of Mr. WHS and this year Pranava Kumar took home the crown.

From the start, Pranava stole the show with his jokes, impressions and his impressive dancing. Pranava left many people amazed following his flawless reenactment of the famous Napoleon Dynamite dance.

Of course, there were so many great talents but if you ask Pranava he had no idea he was going to win, “I had no idea who was going to win but, it never really crossed my mind that I would.”

The crowd played a major role in this year’s contest whether it be singing along to a performance or joining a jazzercise work out. Pranava was happy to see this saying, “Everyone did such an amazing job getting the crowd involved, up dancing or singing along that it was a toss-up. Being to all three previous Mr. WHS shows during my time at Westborough I never saw that type of energy from the audience”

This time of year can have a really surreal feeling for a lot of the seniors as they wind down their career at Westborough High School. Mostly it’s a time to sit back and reflect on memories and hang out with friends while they still can.

For Pranava, he looks forward to a lot but doesn’t forget to wait for a second and take in these last memories. “There are a lot of mixed emotions. Definitely ready to move on and get some relaxation time. Every day it’s becoming more and more nostalgic where you’re looking around the school thinking this is the last time I’m going to walk past that class or do this and that. It’s just like little things like that, that get me.”. There is definitely a lot of that going around right now that mix of excitement for what’s next yet, fear of the unknown.

What’s next for Pranava, is UC Santa Cruz where he will be studying film production in hopes of one day creating his own movies.

It’s definitely an exciting journey from Massachusetts all the way to California but, Pranava is looking forward to the experience, “Yeah, there are going to be difficult moments being in a new setting like that but, being on and around the campus I really liked the area and the people seem awesome.”.

For those of us who know Pranava, we know he has no trouble making friends because of his irresistible sense of humor and not to mention sick moves. On behalf of the Lobby Observer, we’d like to wish Pranava the best of luck in all of his future endeavors.