Senior Testimonial: Quinn Donovan: Work Hard, Identify a Path, and Go for It

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Senior Testimonial: Quinn Donovan: Work Hard, Identify a Path, and Go for It

Quinn Donovan '19

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The past four years here at WHS have been a whirlwind experience. I have formed some incredible relationships and had the chance to live out all of the highs and lows that often define high school. Navigating my way through WHS, I have learned so many things that will stick with me forever. Throughout high school, nothing was ever “easy” for me and I wouldn’t change that for anything. Having the ability to push through the tough times yet savor the great ones is a skill I will undoubtedly credit to the environment I have grown up in.

During my time here, I have found myself enjoying high school more and more each year. I was able to really solidify who I was as a person towards the end of sophomore year and the beginning of junior year. Ever since then, I have taken myself to another level both academically and athletically.

When I look back on high school, the first thing I will always think of will be my athletic experiences at WHS. While I have played both basketball and baseball for all four years, the path of my basketball career really portrays both my character and growth as a person perfectly.

Entering high school, I knew my class had a real chance to do something special for the basketball program and for the school as a whole. However, it hadn’t been all sunshine and rainbows on the basketball front for me. I had tried out for the Gibbons basketball team in 7th grade, and got cut. The next year, I tried out again. Cut again. Watching some of my best friends get the opportunity to play together everyday engrained a chip on my shoulder that is still there to this day.

As freshmen, five of my classmates played for the Varsity team. That year, I played for the freshman team. The next year, I played JV while my classmates experienced a great year with the Varsity. All the while, I worked my butt off to be able to eventually get a chance to play with them and put together the special careers we had talked about since we were ten years old. I had always been one of the smartest basketball players on every team I have played on. But at times, I struggled with athleticism or even just plain skill. I always kept my sights set on playing at the Varsity level with my friends, and did everything I could to make that a reality. I knew that I would never be the leading scorer on the Varsity team or the guy that received all the accolades. But what I did see, however, was a clear role to be had for somebody that would hustle every play. Somebody that would put everything on the line for their teammates. Somebody that would pour their heart and soul into each practice and game to make good things happen. So that’s who I became.

During junior year, that’s about all I provided. I worked harder than anybody and helped the team in that way. We made it to the Clark Tournament final and the District Semis but lost both. I vowed to keep working and wanted to expand my role for the following year, which was already starting to come together as one that could be especially memorable. What I will never forget is my youth travel team coach, Mr. Casparriello, always saying to me, “Quinn, one day your body is going to catch up to your mind in basketball. And when that day comes, you can bring this team to the next level.” The offseason before my senior basketball season, that finally happened. My body caught up to my mind. And with that and improvements by all of my teammates, we took off.

To say that going 21-4 this season and capturing the Mid-Wach B, Clark Tournament, and Central Mass Championships was unforgettable is a gross understatement. From November 26th to March 13th, I lived out a dream with my brothers. We went to work together everyday and had an absolute blast in doing so. Individually, I had a season even I couldn’t have expected, playing a significant role and transforming the chip on my shoulder into more than just hustle and effort. As a senior class, our visions as young boys finally came to fruition.

What I learned from my experiences with basketball throughout life has made me the person I am today. The life lessons it has taught me and attributes it has instilled in me have carried over into my other pursuits as well. I became a captain of the WHS baseball team, and can only hope to to complete the same type of success in our ongoing baseball season this year.

One thing I have noticed is that the path of my athletic peaks and valleys has been closely aligned to the academic side of things. I initially entered WHS with high expectations for myself but believed that some things I wanted to achieve were overly ambitious. I tried to put myself in good positions, though, and put the work in to make my goals a reality. Four years later, I sit here with three months to go before I attend my dream school, Boston College. I have been able to realize for myself that when you focus in on specific goals and follow through in trying to achieve them, good things happen.

WHS has provided me with an experience I will cherish forever. Although we may often complain about the flaws of Westborough, I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up anywhere else, with anyone else. I want to say thanks to all of my friends for all the great times we have had and the ones still to come before we head off to school. To my Mom, Dad, and brothers, thank you for always pushing me to be the best version of myself and giving me an endless amount of opportunities to accomplish what I have always wanted. And to all my coaches, I appreciate everything you guys have done for me. To Mrs. Stoker, thank you for being there over the years for absolutely anything and for pushing me. To my 2019 basketball team, especially Matt, Mike, Jake, Dom, and Jack: I couldn’t have possibly imagined a better way to go out.