What it takes to be a Professional Westborough Ranger

Matt Doherty, Sports Editor

Heart, passion, and a whole lot of grit. To be a Westborough Ranger means more than merely wearing the maroon and white threads. Being a Ranger comes with a high expectation of professionalism, humility, and respect at all times. Similar expectations are mandated on the court, field, pool, etc. When you wear the words “Westborough” or “Rangers” on your chest, not only are you representing yourself, your team, and your coaches, you are representing the entire town and what Westborough, as a community, stands for.   

One of the most important attributes about being a Ranger is competing and trying your hardest on every play. It doesn’t matter if your team record is 10-0 or 0-10, Rangers are expected to give maximum effort at all times.

“I like to find a balance between being a competitor and being a good sportsman. I think if you start to become more of one or the other then you might lose your edge. Play with fire but don’t let it consume you. Play with morals and ethics but don’t let it keep you from competing you hardest,” comments senior Zach Walker.

Rangers are known as fierce competitors, but also are expected to play with class and sportsmanship throughout the entirety of the season. There is no greater feeling than competing at the highest level and receiving multiple compliments from opposing teams about how respectful and hard Rangers play.

Everyday WHS athletes are held to a high standard of excellence and are entrusted with making great decisions outside of the sport. Either in or out of season Rangers are being observed by everyone, so maintaining a respectful and appropriate reputation is a top priority.

“There’s a lot of people, townies, little children, and family members all relying on you to make great decisions so they can watch you play. You play for a lot more than yourself and that’s the beauty in it,” says senior Grace Buffone.

There is undoubtedly a lot of pressure on Westborough athletes, but part of being a Professional Ranger entails making great decisions off the court and representing your team, your school, and your town with pride.