Where are WHS students working?

With the constant fun activities around Westborough, all the costs start to add up. WHS students are working around the clock to make some money to supply their activities. We interviewed some students from Westborough High School about where they are employed.

Kaitlyn Tarzia, a Sophomore at WHS, works at a very popular ice cream stand in Westborough, Uhlman’s Ice Cream. Kaitlyn says she “loves working at Uhlmans and it’s a very fast paced environment but it’s super fun to scoop the ice cream.” As far as co-workers go, Kaitlyn says, “It’s a very positive environment to be in, and there are always people happy to help you if you need it.” Overall this job sounds fantastic especially because of the free cone at the end of the shift! Kaytlin says, “I would definitely recommend this job to anyone who is looking for something fun to do this summer.”

Mike Durr, a Junior at WHS, works at an after school program at the Westborough elementary schools called, Extended Day Program. Mike says, “I really enjoy working there! It’s a lot of fun, I love the people I work with and I love the kids.” Extended Day Program, EDP for short, is a very popular job among students here at WHS, as the job office is in our own school. As far as downsides go, Mike says, “I love the kids, but sometimes they can be very loud, and some days they just decide to not listen and be disruptive, and those days can be rough, but as a whole I really like it.” When asked if he would recommend EDP Mike says, “YES absolutely, it’s a super fun job, you don’t have to work weekends and you get to work with fun people.”

Jane Pittorino, a Sophomore at WHS, works at a very well known diner in Westborough, South Street Diner. Jane works there as a hostess where her responsibilities are to greet customers and directs them to a table. Jane says, “I enjoy working here! It is a great job with very flexible hours…” she also adds, “ It is a positive and relaxed atmosphere.” Jane has a very flexible schedule where she only works 2-3 times a month and only on the weekends. She works about 4-6 hours per shift. Jane says “ I would recommend this job to other people because the weekend hours work really well for busy students!” Because she is a hostess, Jane gets a free meal every time she works and as many may know, the food is great there!

If you’re looking for a job regardless if you have a lot of free time or you have a packed schedule, there are so many different options in Westborough and these are just a few of them.