WHS Student Council Attends State Conference


Miara Sasdi and Bethany Woodcock

Students from over 80 schools, part of Massachusetts Association of Student Council (MASC) gathered in Hyannis, Massachusetts for their 42nd annual state spring conference. About 1,200 students attended the conference, 16 of them were student council members from Westborough High School.

The conference is for student council members around the state of Massachusetts to come together in one place. They were able to further strengthen their leadership skills while learning from their peers and keynote speakers.  At the conference, students attended workshops presented by other students, advisors, or speakers. There was also campaigning for the new MASC state board for the 2019-2020 year. Most importantly, there were many opportunities to interact and meet students from other schools as well as strengthen connections with the students from the same school. Westborough High School freshman Skylar Gravell, who attended the conference, reflects, “It was an amazing opportunity to learn more about leadership and make new friends.”

Keynote speakers Heather Shultz and Shaun Derik spoke to the students, inspiring them to live better lives and leave their mark on others in a positive way.

There was also an award ceremony for schools to be recognized for their work on their councils. Although Westborough High School did not win an award for their submitted Top Ten project, Ranger’s Fight Hunger, they won gold, the highest level, for their binder of excellence. This is a binder that the council historian, Ethan Chan, works the entire year to put together. The binder is then scored off of a points system, to achieve either honorable mention, bronze, silver or gold, with gold being the most prestigious honor. Over 40 schools at the conference won gold for their binders

From Westborough High School, five seniors, three juniors, five sophomores, and three freshmen attended the conference along with their advisor, Mr. Teevans. Senior Bethany Woodcock says, “Having the opportunity to represent WHS for four years has been incredible. I have seen myself grow as a leader in a way I would never have imagined. This organization has given so much to me, but I am excited about the future of our council. We have a lot of potential and enthusiasm.”

The conference was full of energy as energizers, dancing and excitement were present the entire time. Student Council president Harrison Israel shares his experience at Hyannis this year, saying, “W

“It was an amazing opportunity to learn more about leadership and make new friends.””

— Skylar Gravell

e had the strongest leaders in our school attend the educational and fun conference. We were all able to learn so much from each other and from the other school. We have a lot of new ideas that we are excited to bring back from Westborough High School.”

After attending the conference, WHS student council members are looking forward to bring back new skills and ideas to their council and school. Some of the ideas they are hoping to bring back are new school spirit ideas in addition to new events such as a charity week and a teacher-student game at Westborough High School.