Cue the Duckboats: Another Patriots Super Bowl Parade

Jessie Grossman, Anoushka Batra, Nick Ramm, Kayla Brosnihan, Ryder Rasmussen

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Patriots fans made their way to Boston on the early morning of Tuesday, February 5 to pack the streets and celebrate the Pats’ sixth Super Bowl title win. An estimated 1.5 million Patriots fans attended the parade to catch a glimpse of the duck boats blasting confetti into the sky as well as to see their favorite players, including quarterback Tom Brady.

With a forecasted high of 63 degrees fahrenheit and sunny skies, fans were eager to crowd the streets for their 12th New England sports championship parade since 2001.

Many Westborough High School students also made an appearance at the parade with approximately 305 students missing from school, almost one third of the school population. Many students claimed that missing school was worth it.

“It’s like everything stops and you’re surrounded by a million other people who share the same interests as you and it’s such a positive experience,” says senior Kate Foster.

The MBTA proved to be many students’ biggest issue as the trains were so crowded that lots of students were forced to find other methods of transportation to bring them into the city and back home. The T reported record ridership with close to double the typical 127,000 commuters per day. Even by adding an extra 24 trains, there were still no seats to spare.

Although there was difficulty making it to and from the parade, senior Taylor Connolly claims, “It was 100% worth it, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”

Students are excited to see what championships are to come in the next year. They are hopeful that Boston will soon receive another championship as it is well known as the City of Champions.

“I will definitely be going to the next parade. It’s such a unique opportunity and I’m so glad I got to see two my senior year,” says senior Dan Bugaev.