Venom(2018): A Stereotypical Superhero

Venom was a huge disappointment.

Venom was a huge disappointment.

Darya Sologub, Contributing Writer

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MovieRating: 6/10

On October 5, 2018, Venom(2018) was released with high hopes. Although it ended up being an entertaining movie for some, the plot was mediocre for the cliche story and the poor script, therefore it was like every stereotypical superhero movie ever released.

The antagonist Riot was a poorly developed super

…the plot was mediocre for the cliche story and the poor script…”

— Darya Sologub

villain, because all he wanted was to  ‘conquer the world’ or destroy it, making his character all too basic and all too simplistic.

The one good thing that made the movie, was that Venom wasn’t portrayed as a completely evil entity  like in Spiderman 3(2007). The acting was well played, the comedy and action sequences were also well written, but the plot moved from one point to the next without any sufficient transitions,  creating very poor character development.

Even so, the movie was entertaining, but if you’re looking for a plot that’s intricate, then Venom(2018) might not be for you.  Although I regret seeing it in the theater, I would suggest previewing the online trailers before renting it.