Hamilton in Boston: A Continued Success

By: Eva Drotch ’21

Hamilton: The Broadway fan favorite that hit the Big Apple in July 2015 is now making an appearance at the Boston Opera House. The cherished musical, directed by Thomas Kail, has a reputation for always putting on an incredible performance. The play did not disappoint: it really is that good.

The plot of the musical explores the history of the disagreement between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton following the presidential election of Burr and Thomas Jefferson. The musical is an educational experience, as well as an incredible show.

Arriving in the Boston Opera House immediately set the mood of the experience in place. It is very easy to get lost in admiring the elegance of the theatre. From the crystal chandeliers to the velvet carpet, and everything in between, the Boston Opera House was a perfect place for Hamilton to find a home.

The stage, simple yet composed of many complex parts, added to the performance. The background included a simple backdrop with different colored lights to emphasize the mood of the musical at different points.

There was also a wooden balcony that characters used periodically to portray women’s involvement at the time. Usually, women were up there, taking a stance to show that they also played a huge part in shaping the history. There was even a whole song, The Schuyler Sisters, which was about the role of women in American history.

Additionally, the movement of the set was extremely effective to get the audience wanting more. Parts of the balcony were able to come apart to go into center stage. This change allowed for characters to dramatically walk downstairs into the spotlight.

My favorite part of the set, the rotating stage, was very interesting for the audience. The rotations allowed characters to stand completely still while moving around the stage. Unlike most musicals, this allowed viewers to be able to see the characters from all perspectives.

In the opening number, Alexander Hamilton, all the characters first appear in a grand entrance that makes an impression on the viewers that lasts throughout the whole musical.

The music was by far one of the best parts of the experience. The singers that were cast in the play are absolutely incredible. Every single one of the songs was catchy and perfectly executed. The singers were not only able to sing alone, but also perform with others in perfect harmony.

The thing that sets Hamilton a part from other musicals is the fact that there was absolutely no traditional speaking. Everything that was stated by the characters was done in song form. This is was what really made the musical exceptional.

Andy Lacamoire, the choreographer of the musical, did a fabulous job making the dances fit in with the music. All the dancers and other characters knew exactly what they needed to do to give the audience chills.

In addition to containing useful knowledge about our country’s history, Hamilton also included many scenes that left the whole audience laughing and some that gave the viewers tears. The emotional rollercoaster caused by the incredible performance of the cast is what makes Hamilton so successful and famous.

As stated by Eliza and Peggy Schuyler in The Schuyler Sisters, “Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now,” was what the audience was feeling throughout the entire performance.

If given the opportunity to attend the musical, think about the famous Alexander Hamilton quote, “I am not throwing away my shot!”