Get Fired Up to Cool The Earth Down!

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Get Fired Up to Cool The Earth Down!

Olivia Quercio ‘21

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Every day we hear reports about how our earth is heating up, and the damage it is doing; but, we don’t hear a lot about how to fix it.

The definition of Global warming is the gradual rise in the Earth’s temperature caused by high levels of carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere (Collins Dictionary).  Human activity is partially responsible for the increase in the carbon dioxide.  However, there are actions we can do to slow this process down or even stop it.


  1. Go Solar


Among many options, going solar seems to be one of the most common choices to prevent global warming. People have hopped onto the energy efficient bandwagon by installing solar panels. Solar energy reduces carbon emissions, creates jobs, and in some cases can reduce the cost of energy bills.


  1. Let’s start talking planes, trains, and automobiles again

Choosing to live in cities or small areas with resources in walkable/bikeable distances is great for the environment (and for exercise). Along with these suggestions, try carpooling, taking the train, or a bus. Although these modes of transportation do emit toxic gasses, we are limiting them by going together and possibly making new friends.


  1. Vote for a politician who supports looking into greener and cleaner energy sources

If you pay attention to politics you might be able to find a politician who fights for

a shift to a clean-energy economy. These representatives support protecting our environment.


  1. Reduce water usage

Saving water reduces the risk of carbon pollution. It takes vast amounts of energy to heat up the shower to the boiling temperature we all have come to know and love. Try taking shorter showers and using cold water once in a while.


  1. Speak up

Out of all of the things you could do the most important would be get heated up about cooling the earth down! Get everyone around you educated and involved. Voice your concerns through social media, through posters at school, or even sending a message to elected officials in your area.

Teachers: Start talking and educating your classes on the real harm of global warming.

Students: Start talking to your peers (Maybe start a club).

Property Owners: Invest in energy conservation techniques.


If we all do our part we’d be a lot closer to a safer and cleaner environment.