Harry’s Restaurant: A Town Classic


Rachel Fredman

By: Olivia Sassetti and Rachel Fredman

Harry’s Restaurant in Westborough combines a happy atmosphere, that makes one feel at home, with the taste of great food. Whether you choose to sit in an inviting booth or on a stool by the counter, you will have a unique experience at this town staple. Harry’s definitely has style! Between the handmade posters around the restaurant and friendly staff, this place is truly special.

Now how did this restaurant acclaim its mass success and popularity? Harry’s actually began in 1946 and was initially located in Shrewsbury. In 1968, Harry’s moved to a former gas station in Westborough. In its early days, Harry’s was known for their hot pastrami, and has evolved since to now become known for their fried clams.

Harry’s has always been well-known for its combination of amazing service and delicious food. The clam chowder is a hit along with the shepherd’s pie and mac and cheese. The beverage selection is also superb from their lemonades and lime rickeys to frappes and milkshakes. Don’t get too full because the dessert is mouth watering!

The unique style of Harry’s is one of the defining parts of its classy character. The space is cozy and covered in handmade posters to spark laughter. The posters include a “chicken pot pie” poster depicting a chicken in a pot with other ingredients of chicken pot pie. Part of the food preparation is done where one can watch their food being made, and one can peek into the kitchen through the food window. Next to where the food is being made, one can sit at the countertop on a stool and mingle with other customers. Not only are the regulars good company, but the wait staff is incredibly friendly and happy to chat. From the atmosphere to the wait staff, this is absolutely the place to be.

Like all good things, there are a few downsides to dinner at Harry’s. Due to its popularity among locals and visitors, Harry’s tends to get very crowded during prime meal times. With the large crowds and limited space it can become very cramped. There is a small area to wait for a seat right outside the doors, however this also becomes very crowded. When full, the service can become a bit slow and food can take a decent while to be prepared. However, as long as you can deal with a bit of a wait and some crowds, you will be rewarded with great food.

All in all, Harry’s holds up to its phenomenal reputation, loved by townies and visitors. With its accessible location and amazing food what’s stopping you? Go try Harry’s, you won’t be disappointed!