WHS Fashion Club:  Let Your Creativity And Love For Fashion Come To Life


by:  Samantha Steinberg

Do you find yourself putting in those extra 15 minutes before school to make sure your outfit is perfect? Do you keep your closet fully stocked with all the hottest trends? Maybe you should think about joining the newly formed fashion club. This extracurricular activity was started by the senior co-presidents Maddy Walters and Merideth Welch alongside the teacher advisors Mrs. Palladino and Mrs. Apuzzo-Langton.

Both Walters and Welch agree that the club is a welcoming environment that is open to anyone with a passion for styling and anything fashion related. Welch goes on to explain that the club is meant to be fun and to bring everyone together who enjoys the same passion.  Walters also is quick to points out that there is no experience required to join in on the activities.

Walters explains that the objective is to “join everyone together who share the same interest and ambition while inspiring each other to learn more about fashion and the industry.” The co-presidents plan to to have their first meeting in the near future to discuss their events for the year. Welch says that their events consists of “discussing trends, upcoming fashion events, and gathering materials for projects or donations like the clothing drive.” She notes that in addition to clothing drives they will also be hosting bake sales on a regular basis.

She comments that she is most excited to start their own magazine which will include the club members sketches of different styles of clothing.

Walters adds that in order to get creative they will “grab a bunch of magazines and cut out what inspires them, and then create a collage that pertains to their aesthetic/style which is also known as a mood board.” 

Both of the seniors are excited for the start of the club and hope that other people are interested to learn more about this industry also.