Global and Community Aid

By Kaylie Doherty

Recently, a new club has started up at Westborough High School, by senior Carly Lurier.  Last year, Carly was a representative for Serengetee, a company that uses unique fabrics from all corners of the globe.  She was in charge of spreading the word and informing people that depending on which fabric you chose, some of the money gets donated to it’s country of origin.

“Being a representative for Serengetee definitely sparked my interest in aiding people who are struggling around the world.”  Lurier explained. But the reason she started the club was, “because of the earthquake in Nepal. I love helping out global organizations that aid people when disaster strikes.”

The club has already held many successful event such as a pumpkin carving contest, a toothpaste drive, and the members of the club spent time writing holiday cards to a young girl who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Now that college applications and midterms are almost over, Lurier says, “I am going to start holding weekly conversations about what is currently happening in the new.  After the conversations, we will start brainstorming some fundraising ideas.”

If you are interested in discussing current disasters and fundraising to aid the victims, stop by room A308 or talked to Carly Lurier about joining the club.