In Your Shoes Supports WHS Students

By Carly Flahive

In Your Shoes, a non-profit organization, is a giving circle within the Westborough community that strives to help make differences in the lives of families in need. With different fundraisers throughout the year,  In Your Shoes is able to raise money to help sponsor different community activities, such as community and holiday dinners, as well as make donations to the Westborough food pantry.

Started by two Westborough residents, Terry Gavin and Debi Ledoux, the organization has full intentions of helping Westborough families in need. Gavin is proud to be a part of such an amazing organization as she mentions, “We are here to help and support those in need.” She really wants the town to know that there are people out there willing to help anyone who could benefit from assistance.

Although In Your Shoes does not give out money, Gavin explains, “We help by making meals, pay electricity bills, rent and we give gift cards, etc.” The assistance that the organization provides is incredibly generous and appreciated by those in need.

By hosting different fundraisers throughout the community, In Your Shoes is able to make these services available. Among the many events held by the organization is the annual Polar Plunge. “Polar Plunge was one of the best fundraisers we held,” says Gavin. “We raised a great deal of money and had the most community participation.” With participants from Westborough including judges, NHS, and WHS marching band volunteers, the fundraiser was able to produce great success.

In Your Shoes holds additional events to further help community members in need by doing things like free clothing drives. Their “Clothes 4 Kids” drive helped bring kids gently used clothing at no cost to help stock up their wardrobes before school began.

“It is a wonderful feeling knowing that we are making a difference in young adults as well as our own Westborough community,” explains Gavin. Although Gavin and Ledoux are excited to be serving their community well, they are not only helping those in need, but rather making members of the community such as school teachers and faculty members very appreciative as well.

Among the many grateful for In Your Shoes is WHS English/Journalism teacher Kathleen Stoker. Stoker has written grants to In Your Shoes hoping to acquire financial support/supplies for WHS students in need. Mrs. Stoker comments,  “It is so important students have at the very minimum their basic needs met in order to move to any sort of higher level thinking skills.  How can a student really learn if he/she is hungry or stressed about not having warm clothes to wear in the winter months?” With questions and concerns like these on Stoker’s mind, she works with In Your Shoes to help make sure these stresses can be decreased to help the students concentrate on their education.

“In Your Shoes has helped support WHS students over the years in many ways,” mentions Mrs. Stoker. “We are truly grateful for all of their contributions.”