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Hail the Kingdom: The Sen19rs Have Arrived

By: Alex Badger and Miara Sasdi

Although Westborough High School began this school year with a delayed start, the Class of 2019 seniors have arrived  with a lot of excitement. The first day kicked off with a gathering in the school parking lot followed by an annual senior parade. Decked out in their tye dye, the seniors paraded around town screaming with spirit.  A classwide breakfast then took place in the cafeteria before taking the field to pose for the annual picture.

As the seniors headed out to take the field, Sabrina Siegel shared her feelings about the year. “It feels very surreal and exciting, but I’m also a little anxious.”

Many of them have been looking forward to becoming a senior for a while, as Jack Slocum acknowledged,, “I’ve been waiting for this for so long, I can’t believe it’s finally here.”

Lots of energy filled the halls of WHS on the first day as seniors blew their whistles and yelled with enthusiasm.  Jenna Rutberg excitedly stated, “It feels awesome, we finally made it.”

Although the assembly at the end of the day was moved inside due to extreme heat outside, this move did not diminish the seniors’ spirits. The whole school gathered around the balconies overlooking the main lobby, witnessing the seniors ascension atop the school. After storming in with lots of enthusiasm, Quinn Donovan and Vince Pascale led the senior class in a spirited cheer.  Donovan described the assembly as “electric.”

Class President Omar Siddiqui and Student Council President Harrison Israel each gave a speech to the whole school. They both spoke to each grade, giving tips to the underclassmen, and concluding their speeches with advice for their classmates.

Although they’ve been waiting for the first day for a long time, the seniors still have many challenges ahead of them as they begin a critical year. The college process begins for many of them.

Bethany Woodcock shared, “I’m nervous about some of the classes I’m taking this year because I know they are going to be hard.”

Siegel also shared, “I’m nervous about college rejection, and also at the end of the year leaving everything I’ve ever known.”

This is a big year for the seniors as they make some essential decisions for their future.

Despite some of the challenges they will go through, there is a lot to look forward to and enjoy as they take on their final year of high school.

As an athlete, Slocum exclaimed “I’m excited for football…  it’s going to be a good season”.

Other students were thrilled about being with their friends and enjoying other extracurriculars such as clubs they participate in. The Class of 2019 has arrived and they are ready to make their mark on WHS.

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