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Top 5 WHS Highlights from 2018-2019

By:  Matt Doherty

Number 5: Coming in at number five we have the town meeting that was held on October 16, to decide the future of the lights at Westborough High School. With hundreds of students, parents, and community members attending, tension was high as the town  awaited the final verdict on whether or not Westborough would receive permission to install lights on the WHS turf in the fall of the 2018-2019 school year. When the final votes were tallied, the Laduke gymnasium erupted with excitement as the town overwhelmingly voted for the passing of the lights. This excitement and joy that we all felt that night was grand enough to make it into the top 5 events of the school year.

Number 4: Making its way onto the list at number four we have the ever so famous Mr. WHS. This annual fundraiser that was held on May 18, was just as comical and exciting as ever. With many different personalities taking the stage, the audience knew that they were going to be in for a show. By the end of the show the judges narrowed down their top three picks for Mr. WHS. Terry Curtis took third place while Derek Pitarino took second and Pablo Diaz took the crown.

Number 3: Perhaps a bias pick, but coming in at number three there will be a brand new Journalism three class at the high school in the fall. All Lobby O members are extremely excited to participate in the new J3 class. Don’t worry this does not just benefit everyone taking the class, it will also benefit everyone who reads The Lobby O. We have put together undeniably the strongest journalism team in the history of Westborough High School.  With such a star studded line up, be on the lookout for the best articles and broadcasts coming from Journalism three next year.  

Number 2: This year there was a very important award given to our very own Best Buddies program. They won the Nation High School Chapter of the Year award. This award is even more impressive considering that last year Westborough’s Best Buddies program won the Massachusetts State Outstanding Chapter of the Year. Going from winning a state award to winning a national award in just one year is an amazing accomplishment. We as a school and a community are so proud of our Best Buddies program!

Number 1: In at the number one spot we have the volleyball state championship team coached by none other than Mr. Anderson. This year’s volleyball team was a special team to watch. They played so hard and exceeded the expectations of many. Many volleyball fans were nervous before the year even started because the volleyball team lost power hitter Gabi Bailey. Right before the season started Westborough High School received a new transfer student, junior Lexi Austin, who would fill the shoes of Bailey. Austin proved to be an unstoppable force alongside with recent graduates Emma Smallcomb, Becky Arena, and Mary Kate Lehman. These girls, along with all of their teammates, were exciting to watch as they won a volleyball state title.


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