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Dance Marathon: #forthekids

By: Miara Sasdi

You may have noticed the posters hanging up on the walls, students walking around with cookies to sell, or the Oreos being given away on National Oreo Day along with a QR code. All of these actions are just a few of the many ways that Westborough High School’s student council is  advertising and fundraising for their next big event, the second annual Dance Marathon.

This event is focused on raising money for Boston Children’s Hospital and will take place in the WHS gymnasiums on Saturday, May 11 from 1:00pm-7:00pm. The event will not only consist of dancing but also fun games, competitions, and anything as long as it involves constant movement. Although the event itself is significant, it is also the previous four months that have been ideal as well.

Westborough High School junior Jenna Rutberg, who is the student council chair of the event, along with the rest of the event committee have been working very hard the past few months to not only prepare for the event, but to also raise money along the way.

The committee consists of important roles including finance, decorations, publicity, and others. As the head of this event, there is definitely a lot of work and a huge time commitment.

 Rutberg comments that her reason for stepping up to take on this important leadership role is that “It’s something that is unique. Everything student council usually does is for the school, but this is definitely reaching out and making and impact on so many more kids.”

All of the proceeds raised on the day of the event and all of the fundraisers leading up to the day go directly to Boston Children’s Hospital that help fund programs that are beneficial for the kids including  activities for the sick kids, financial aid for families there, and activities for the parents as well to relieve their stress.

Rutberg hopes that many people will help to participate and donate to this event as she exclaims, “It’s going to be super fun. There is going to be fun music and competitions and we are trying to get the whole student body to come.  It’s a great way to get involved and you’re helping the local community and kids all around the world as Boston Children’s is on the of the top hospitals where people come and it would be great if we could help support them.”

The Dance Marathon committee has been working with the dance marathon coordinator at the hospital and them along with the rest of student council and student body have been putting in a lot of effort to gain awareness and funds for the event. There has been a lot of advertising for this event to help them reach their $8100 goal including having restaurant fundraisers, standing outside of Roche Brothers to raise money, selling special t-shirts, and using social media to communicate to with the community specifically using the hashtag #forthekids.  The $8100 fundraising goal represents the total number of kids who are treated for trauma at Miracle Network Children’s Hospital.

They also recently announced that the drink company, ICE will be donating on the day of the event and sponsoring an “ICE Chill Zone” for during the Dance Marathon.

So far 20 teams are signed up consisting of not only Westborough High School Students, but also other students from student councils in the district. Each team member is asked to help raise $92 each to help reach their big goal that will all go directly towards Boston Children’s Hospital.  The $92 represents the 92 kids who are treated for cancer every hour at Miracle Network Children’s Hospital.

Sophomore Carolyn McDermott, who is also on the dance marathon committee, in charge of decorations is excited for the event and shares, “My favorite part is seeing the progress that we have made. It has been a really long journey to form this event, but anticipating the excitement of the actual day.”

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