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Hometown Punny Professor:  Mr. Teevens

By:  Emily Bruck and Audrey Soukup

Mr. Teevens, a Westborough High School freshmen world history teacher, a downright cat person, a  family-driven worker, and a hometown man has truly been making his mark in Westborough for quite a long time. Mr. Teevens was raised in Westborough and attended WHS. He is now back where it all started, teaching in his very own high school.

Mr. Teevens is in his fifth year of teaching here and in his fourth year of teaching freshman history.  He cites his former teachers Mr. Belbin and Mr. Perryman as positive influences as to why he became a teacher. “I had all really great teachers through all my four years here,” he recalls, “And they are a large reason why I decided to teach.”

He also shares that he deep down had always known that he wanted to teach.

Mr. Teevens had a great childhood in Westborough filled with friends and family. If he thinks about his overall experience, the first words that come to mind are: comfortable, protected, fortunate, and lovable. Unlike some students, he had an amazing high school experience filled with sports such as baseball, golf, hockey, and soccer.

Although he moved around the town a lot with his mom and sisters, he always managed to stay in Westborough. Like most little kids,  he dreamed about someday becoming a professional athlete; however he decided on a different track of teaching.  

After graduating from WHS, Mr.Teevens attended UNH before transferring to Springfield College and then to Worcester State University with majors in history and Spanish. During college, instead of spending his senior year spring break with friends, he decided to utilize his Spanish speaking skills to go to Nicaragua and teach kids English for two weeks.

Following his senior year of college, Mr. Teevens decided that he really enjoyed his time abroad and that he wanted to go teach again. This is what compelled him to spend 13 months in Ecuador. Mr. Teevens knew that he loved communicating with kids, really in any way. He later decided history teaching was the route he would go, even though he was also qualified to teach Spanish.

When he’s not teaching, Mr. Teevens is very busy. He plays in sports leagues such as baseball and hockey to continue his passion of sports. He also enjoys playing board games and word games.  He also has a love for reading. In addition, he loves to do fun activities with family and friends such as “trivia nights”.

He describes family as one of the most important things to him. He remarks, “My mom lives in Westborough so I live here near her which is great, and I’m always in touch with my sisters who are all teachers as well.” He also spends a lot of time with his girlfriend and her family outside of school.

A lot of the WHS community considers Mr. Teevens to be a jokester as he is always creating puns and jokes in class to lighten the mood, especially on early mornings when his class is not particularly awake.

He says, “I’ll bust out some dad jokes and puns, usually they’ll react to that a little bit.” People call Mr.Teevens goofy and happy because of his positie attitude towards his

teaching. And although he is goofy, he is also serious when it comes to caring for his students and their learning.

3 Responses to Hometown Punny Professor:  Mr. Teevens

  1. Nick Smaldone

    October 27, 2017 at 11:11 am

    I love Mr. Teevans! Never knew this about him!

  2. Julia Neiva

    November 3, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    My favorite teacher at WHS! Love the last quote and how you guys included what he likes to do in his free time.

  3. Tracey Martins

    November 3, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    Nice article! I like how you included his life before teaching and facts that most people didn’t know about him.

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