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Opinion: WHS, Massachusetts, and The White House Take on Anti-Vaping Actions

Adam Dapolite '20, Opinion Editor

October 2, 2019

You hear about it everywhere. Vaping has plagued the Westborough High School halls for years and has made the bathrooms of the school smell of e-cigarettes. Every time I pass by the bathrooms I can smell the cotton candy and ...

The Paris Agreement and Trump’s bad decision

June 12, 2017

By Josh Aronson As many people know, President Trump decided to pull out of the Paris Agreement. Much to the dismay of many Americans this was not only a move made out of spite, but has also already proven to be a serious de...

Trump Needs to Turn Fear Into Unity

November 14, 2016

By: James Coffey He has called Mexicans rapists, and threatened to deport them. He has promised closing our borders both physically, with a wall, and ideologically, with a ban on refugees. He has labeled Muslims terrorists....

Making America Great Again? Easier Said Than Done

March 30, 2016

By Michael Townsend “We’re going to make America great again,” So says Donald J. Trump, business tycoon and 2016 Republican Presidential nominee frontrunner. On a campaign that revolves around nationalism, nativism, a...

A Vote for Trump Is a Vote Against America

January 14, 2016

By Lindsay Bromm As the presidential race continues, Donald Trump is shocking America with his outrageous commentary and mind-blowing remarks. Despite this, he is still a top candidate in the Republican poles. The concern is, if he ...

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