The Lobby Observer


Sarah Corcoran is an executive producer for The Lobby Observer.   She is in her fourth year of journalism. As an executive producer Sarah produces broadcasts here at WHS and Westborough TV.  Her goal for this year is to bring her classmates together to create broadcasts for many to watch. She is also an avid traveler and likes to live her life with risk.

Corina Gencarelli one of the Co-Editors in Chief for The Lobby Observer is going into her fourth year in Journalism. If she isn’t messing up our own Instagram account she is working on editing articles and putting together a broadcast. If you ever need to know how to upload a video she is the girl to ask. Besides Journalism, Corina has a passion for field hockey and loves spending time with her family and friends.

Ryan Guilbeau: Ryan is a senior this year, and will be a Co-Editor in Chief for his third year in the Lobby-O. Over the years, his writing has gotten a lot better, and he has also gotten much more handsome. In his spare time, Guilbeau loves to watch sports, hang out with friends, and bathe in his excellence. His biggest Lobby-O accomplishment is recording a dank music video with an old western type shootout while recovering from a neck surgery.

Keegan Kerr is a senior and Co-Editor in Chief of the Lobby Observer. Over three years of Journalism, Keegan has grown as both a writer and broadcaster. His proudest moment as a journalist came his junior year, when he took part in an “Old Town Road” music video with an infected Ryan Guilbeau, and an amazing Sheriff Dapolite.

Ryder Rasmussen is a junior in his third year of Journalism and acts as Technical Editor for the Lobby Observer. Ryder is a big fan of film and TV which is often reflected in his articles. When he’s not working on articles covering news in the film industry, you can find him at home playing a good video game, listening to some classic Queen albums or catching up with friends.

Miara Sasdi is currently taking her fourth year of Journalism and serving as one of the Co-Editor in Chiefs for The Lobby-Observer.  As Co-Editor in Chief, Miara helps to make sure that Lobby-O operations are running smoothly. Besides being an active member of the school newspaper, she participates in other activities in the school, including Student Council, lacrosse, and swimming.




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