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Domenic Casparriello is one of the few four year journalism veterans still roaming these halls. He helps lead the sports section of The Lobby Observer and can be considered a die-hard Boston sports fan along with a three-sport athlete at WHS. With Dom, what you see is what you get, great looks and a healthy determination to outperform the opposition.

Sarah Corcoran is an executive producer for The Lobby Observer.   She is in her third year of journalism. As an executive producer Sarah produces broadcasts here at WHS and Westborough TV.  Her goal for this year is to bring my classmates together to create broadcasts for many to watch.

Gabrielle Delgado has been in the Journalism program for the past three years and is the editor of Opinion and Feature sections of The Lobby Observer. You can usually find her thrifting at Savers, drinking too much coffee, or dancing around the kitchen to her Spotify playlists! She loves to read and write, and hopes to live in the city after college and pursue many creative passions.

Justina Demetry is taking on her fourth year in Journalism as Social Media Coordinator and Public Relations Editor. Justina enjoys imitating dolphins instead of laughing. In her free time you can find her meeting famous people or working behind the scenes to make sure all of your articles and broadcasts get posted. Justina’s outgoing personality helps us get sponsors and business ads. You can rarely see Justina at school, not because she is always catching someone’s sickness but she’s still 4’11 in her senior year.

Matt Doherty, handsome, young, and freakishly handsome is starting for The Lobby Observer for the fourth year in a row. In year four, Matt hopes to write more articles and produce more broadcast for the team. Matt is dedicated to his work and will stop at nothing to produce the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Maximizing truth and minimizing harm is a speciality that only few have mastered; Matt is one of the few. Along with being excellent, Matt is also the public relations coordinator. Taking long walks on the beach used to be Matt’s hobby, now Matt spends the majority of his time in his office figuring out new, innovative ways to make The Lobby Observer a better place for all. Love Matt as much as Matt loves you.  

Mike Doherty is going into his fourth season as a starter for Westborough High School basketball team, and is more excited than ever to start the year strong. Oh wait! This isn’t a basketball article. Likewise Mike has been a part of the journalism program since he was a freshman. His most proud accomplishment in journalism was his Frozen music video where he acted, directed, edited, and showed off his fire dance moves. Another activity Mike is well known for is his skills on the basketball court. When asked what is he most excited for he says, “I can’t wait for the season to start, and I’m excited to show the fans what our team is all about.” Stay posted for some epic articles and broadcasts coming your way.

Quinn Donovan enters his senior year at the helm of The Lobby-O during his fourth year in the program. As Co-Editor in Chief, Quinn runs operations on a daily basis to make The Lobby-O the best online school newspaper around. When he is not writing up the latest sports article or starring in a broadcast, you can find Quinn showing off his grit on the basketball court or baseball diamond.

Corina Gencarelli one of the Social Media Coordinators for The Lobby Observer is a junior taking on her third year of journalism. As Social Media Coordinator, she helps to keep the school and community updated. In her free time, you can find Corina on the field hockey field in the fall and playing lacrosse in the spring.

Eric “Higgenboom” Gould is a sports editor for The lobby observer. He has been in the journalism program for three years. On the daily, he masterfully creates articles to be posted to the website. In addition, most would say he excels in the field of fantasy football, the “GOAT” if you will. Along with these incredible talents, he is a huge fan of the 2018-2019 NBA Champion Boston Celtics.

Matt McCarthy enters his fourth year as a part of The Lobby O family. As Co-Editor-in-Chief he can be found alongside the social media team, keeping the community updated on the latest scores, broadcasts and articles. He is most proud of his work with the Full Court Press, keeping the community updated on the great league that is WHS Rec Ball. Outside the classroom you can find him on the Lacrosse field having a great time with his teammates while also crushing defenders’ dreams, with class 🙂

Jack McGinn has been a part of the journalism program at WHS for three years. Jack is an avid Boston Sports fan and proudly boasts the title Rec-Ball All-Star. When Jack is old, he hopes to legally change his name to Sal and own a quaint pizza shop called “Sal’s Pizza” in the Greater Boston area.

Ryan Nichols is a senior at Westborough High School who loves to play sports, hang out with his dog, Kirby, and go on long drives. Ryan is a third year member on The Lobby Observer and hopes to contribute boatloads of content through articles and broadcasts. Ryan is a fourth year varsity golfer who hopes to be a league all star and help make the team make a run at States this year. He also loves to play baseball and get dirty in the infield. Ryan is a passionate rec ball player who is looking to become a champion to gain some clout around the league. He wants everyone to support The Lobby Observer and support his rec ball team to win a ring.

Susan San, a senior here at WHS, is an Executive Producer and Social Media Coordinator for The Lobby O. When she’s not updating The Lobby Observer Instagram and Twitter, Susan enjoys making pizzas at Papa Gino’s and playing with her dog Milo. After school, Susan can be found at Pho Sure in Shrewsbury, enjoying a Peach Juicy Tea with boba. If you ever want to go to Pho with Susan though, beware; you must be the one to drive.

Taking on her third year of journalism as a junior, Miara Sasdi is the junior Co-Editor in Chief for The Lobby-Observer. By holding this position, she helps to manage and to assist the other Lobby-O staff members. Besides being an active member of the school newspaper, she participates in other activities in the school. Some of these include playing lacrosse in the spring and currently being the Events Overseer for Student Council.  

Will Schiffman, captain on the ice and in C115. This year Will is going to be the leading The Lobby Observer team to success as Co-Editor-in-Chief. Will has been in journalism for the past four years, and in his senior year he is looking to make this year the best one yet. When he is not in journalism, Will is either stopping pucks on the ice for the varsity hockey team or chilling with the boys.

Nicholas Smaldone is a senior at Westborough High School. He serves as the current VP of Student Council and the President of UNICEF club. On the weekends, you can find him seeing bands you’ve probably never heard of.  He enjoys being an angsty teenager, hoarding dusty garbage from yard sales, and traveling halfway around the world.

Senior Gemma Smith is in her third year of journalism here at WHS as a Social Media Coordinator and Features Editor. When she’s not writing articles for The Lobby O, she enjoys eating blizzards at Dairy Queen, adventuring with friends, and ranting about her job. Because she’s on her way to becoming a crazy cat lady, in 10 years from now, you can find Gemma living with five cats.

Samantha Steinberg has participated in the Journalism program for the past three years, and she is currently the Arts and Entertainment Editor for The Lobby Observer. You can find her playing with her dogs, Sage and Cupcake, working at Marshalls, or laughing with friends. In the springtime you’ll see her playing tennis on the courts outside at school. After high school she hopes to live in the city and report the news!

Senior Haley Welsh has been writing for The Lobby-O for three years and is now one of the Co-Editors in Chief. When she isn’t writing articles, you can find her on the volleyball court, basketball court, or lacrosse field –you can always count on her to keep the bench warm! During the school day, you’ll find Haley and her co-editor Emma West wandering the A-wing with the history department.   

Emma West is a 2018-2019 Co-Editor in Chief for The Lobby Observer. This is her third year on the staff; she focuses on sports and opinion articles (and definitely uses way too many semi-colons). She is captain of the Mock Trial team, helping kids to waste their time solving fake court cases. She will engage you in pointless Red Sox conversations, and is maybe the only teenage girl in the country that refuses to admit that baseball is no longer America’s favorite pastime. Like her colleague and friend Haley Welsh, she is weirdly obsessed with both history and the department itself. She plays field hockey and runs track, but don’t go to games and meets to look for her there; bench is her primary position (I wasn’t kidding about the semi-colons).

You can catch senior Bethany Woodcock running through the streets of Westborough in her free time, probably running to her School Committee meeting, student council event or even to Hot Table Panini, the “best place to eat in Central Mass” according to Woodcock. She serves as a MIAA state student ambassador with fellow Lobby-O journalist Alex Badger, which gets them into any game for free (fun fact: Woodcock has never had to pay entry to a high school sporting game before!). If you need to know anything about the town, Woodcock  most definitely has the answer. In her free time, though only 5’3,” she goes to her local boxing gym, and has for the past four years. She is excited that Mrs. Stoker has finally gotten approval for this awesome Journalism 3 class… “this 2018-19 Lobby O staff is the best in the area…”


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