Midterm Relief

Midterms are finally over, but Student Council took the opportunity to stay involved during this hectic time. Student Appreciation chairperson Katie Heffernan hosted a Free Breakfast event between the two midterms. I helped put all of the muffins, bagels, pastries, and cookies on the table and was excited by the number of students who stopped by and grabbed something to snack on between exams. People had taken most of the food by the end of the break, leaving only a plate of muffins and a few clementines which I tried my best to give away (Sorry to the people whom I forced to take those muffins. They did look good, though).  Overall, the event was a success; kudos to Katie. Student Council also helped de-stress the school by passing out stress balls on the last day before exams thanks to Kishore Rao’s hard work.  Keep your eyes open for more events from Student Council in the future. Look for the Student Council 50/50 Raffle table at basketball games and remember that Winter Carnival is just around the corner.