‘Tis The Season…For Concerts!

As December approaches, you can walk down the halls of the D-Wing during the day’s first three periods and hear the sound of the choirs, orchestra, and bands rehearsing for their December concerts.  As a singer, I don’t know much about the bands and the orchestra. But I can say why I love this time of the year in the D-Wing.

Everything picks up in preparation for this time of year. There’s always the warm, familiar feeling whenever we sing the Hallelujah Chorus. This concert is my favorite every year, solely because we get the opportunity to sing with all of the Music Department Alumni. You get to know people, and you get close to them, and then they leave for college, and you have to say goodbye. But when they come back to sing with us, it’s amazing. It’s like I’m a freshman again, singing with the people I met my freshman year, people I looked up to. I can’t wait for next year, when I get to be that person who joins all of my underclassmen friends, and all of the people I’ve known through my high school experience.