Pump. Pump. Pump it up?

If for some reason your friend has anxiety about pumping gas alone for the first time in Massachusetts, do not, I repeat, do not be the person to volunteer to help her. For if you do decide to make that your good deed of the day, you will end taking 4 loops around the pumping stations in an attempt to get the car close enough for the handle to reach it. When your friend finally reaches a good handle-to-tank distance, said friend will attempt to pay for the gasoline with a credit card. However the pump will then reject the credit card and order you to see the cashier who has a thick accent and gives bad directions. Finally after going through that whole ordeal, you’ll just end up pumping the gas for your friend and be told later of a cheaper gas station that has an attendant who is actually willing to pump gas for his customers.

Quick Summary: If your friend asks for help completing a simple task…just say no.