A StuCo “History” Lesson

The WHS Student Council recently made its annual sojourn to Hyannis for the MASC Student Council conference. This three day conference is a fast-paced, fun trip as it combines keynote speakers, workshops to help improve Student Councils, elections for the MASC State Board, and scoring of student councils through assembled excellence award binders. On the WHS student council, the historian is in charge of this binder. This job is necessary in order to be ranked at the MASC conference. This year, WHS won another Gold Council award, upholding a two year record.   I had the opportunity to speak to this year’s historian, Jackie Andrews, a dedicated council member, about her experience as historian. The work of the historian is no easy feat.

 Jackie says, ” The format of the binder is specific and strict, making the process a long one. I spent late nights writing evaluations and contacting the different people necessary to complete the binder.”

The historian is  responsible for collecting “excellence awards” about all of council’s events, including data to conform to state and national standards, and other nitty-gritty details. The requirements are so specific, making the process a labor of love.

 Jackie continues, “When it was finally put in the mail, I felt so relieved and when Westborough High School’s name was called at the state conference as a gold council and I stood on stage with our excellence award, the most rewarding feeling came over me. It’s been a great year and I learned a lot about myself and student council  by being our historian.”

The WHS Student Council has been fortunate enough to have hardworking individuals like Andrews who dedicate much of their time to the organization.