Re-think that Re-gift

If for some reason, you are invited to a dinner to celebrate a close friend’s birthday it is absolutely critical to make time to buy him or her a gift. For if you don’t buy this friend a gift, you will be forced to do something so horrible and so terrible that the only acceptable person to do this to is an estranged relative. That’s right, I’m talking about the unanimously frowned upon act of…re-gifting. However, on the day of said dinner you’ll probably have a busy schedule (what with no time to buy a new gift and all) and be in such a rush that you grab anything with the tags still on it with just enough time to shove it into a bag, grab your keys, and rush over to your friend’s house. Unfortunatly, little will you know that the present that was so thoughtlessly planned out was in fact given to you by this friend; but it gets worse because that present was given to you as a split gift and the person who bought the other half of the present will be sitting next to said friend as the gift is being opened. The results may include but not be limited to: embarassment, jokes at your expense, and that friend holding a grudge.

Quick Summary: If you have no other choice but to…re-gift, make sure that the gift was given to you by a person who the next receiver on this present’s hit list has never had contact with.