Bringin’ Down the House

If for some reason on the second day that you have your learner’s permit, you are told to go in reverse despite the fact that you clearly state that you are uncomfortable going in reverse, you need to be sure of a few things.

1) The gearshift is in fact in reverse.

2) When the adult in the passenger seat yells out “Brake” you hit the brakes…not the accelerator.

For if you do not follow these two easy steps there is a good chance you will crash into your garage, and while no damage will be done to your beautiful car (named “Winston”) in this treachorous battle,¬†the garage will not be able to walk away without a limp. In fact, a great deal of damage will be done to the garage such that it is knocked off the rails and will be unable to¬†function. It will then not be repaired for two months and guilt will radiate from said garage each time you walk by it as a reminder of your huge goof.

So folks, a quick summary: Do not accelerate into a garage, whether or not your intent was to go in reverse.