Connect the Dots with Amy Haskell

There are all kinds of state organizations involving extracurricular activities: the MIAA, the MMEA, but another interesting one is the MASC: Massachusetts Association of Student Councils. This organization is a state level association for student councils as the name lends itself to describe. One of our own WHS peers,  Amy Haskell, is running for vice president of the MASC. Amy Haskell has been on the WHS Student Council since her freshman year. She has attended numerous MASC conferences and the National Association of Student Councils Conference in Indiana this past summer. Amy is the Events’ Chair on this year’s council which means she oversees events like dances, carnivals, etc. I had an opportunity to meet with her to discuss her campaign.

StuCo Blogger- Amy, what does the vice president of MASC do?

Amy H- The vice president does what the president isn’t able to do. He or she is in charge of communication across the state which includes monthly newsletters to update the different schools. The vice president writes the newsletter, interviews people, and takes pictures for it.

SB- What is your campaign theme?

AH- My campaign theme is Connect the Dots: connect the different regions across the state and make sure that everyone knows what is going on. My plan is to increase communication on the state level.

SB- When are you campaigning?

AH- I’ll be sending a letter to schools in the beginning of February with information about myself and my campaign. March 9-11 is the Hyannis MASC Conference where I’ll  do the majority of campaigning. We’ll give out handouts and I’ll make a speech. I’ll either get that [the vice president] or may also have a chance at being a delegate.

SB- How do you feel about your campaign? Are you nervous, excited?

AH- I’m really excited but also nervous because I want to help the state and MASC. I have mixed emotions.

Good luck to Amy in her campaign. She’s a very qualified candidate and we wish her the best.