Jumpin’ Jumpin’

Members of the Student Council met on a cold Sunday night, bundled in fleece jackets and warm clothing to prepare for a “pilgrimage” to Pump-It-Up.

Student Council has regular bonding events and visiting Pump it Up in Shrewsbury is a new tradition which began last year. A Freshman Buddy event, members go to the venue in Shrewsbury. After an instructional rule video, Council was released into the first arena with an inflatable Obstacle Course, Moon Bounce, and a double slide. People immediately began to race each other on the obstacle course and even attempted to win blind-folded. Aftera few minor battle wounds, we quickly got tired but continued racing on the slides and obstacle course until the time in the first arena expired.

We were then ushered into the second arena with a single slide, bouncer/King of the Hill arena, and a new maze. Some of us rushed into the maze to check this new space out. The King of the Hill inflatable promised a lot of fun. All in all, Pump it Up was great bonding experience.   Although it may have been tiring, it was a great way to finish the weekend.