The Season of Giving

Days of school are winding down until classes end for winter vacation, but Student Council appreciates our building’s teachers before the week ends.
Student Council has three Appreciation Committees which host an event each month in appreciation of teachers, students, and custodians. On Tuesday December 21st, Teacher Appreciation Chair Chloe Reske is offering a coffee and candy cane cart to teachers to thank them for their help.
“I have decided to do a coffee and candy cane cart for the teachers. This involves going to Dunkin’ Donuts really early on Tuesday morning and picking up coffee, and then serving it to the teachers before school,” Reske says. Student Council members come in early for events such as these to deliver coffee to every teacher’s room. As the holidays are quickly approaching, candy canes will also be given as a seasonal treat.
Appreciation Chairs host an event every month; consequently, there are several brainstorming meetings to come up with new events which teachers, students, or custodians will enjoy. Reske describes her committee meeting, “It was hard to settle on an idea at first, because we had come up with so many different ones. I decided to do carts for the teachers because I had heard from past Teacher Appreciation chairs that the teachers really enjoyed them.”