Westborough’s GSA Club

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by Haemin Burk

Westborough High schools club GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) has gone through a long way in reviving the club back into the school. Luke Morrinero, a senior and a leader in the GSA club knows a lot about the struggles and the environment for someone who is gay or a lesbian. “What made you want to join GSA?” “Ha-ha well, actually with the help of some friends, last year it was me and friends and teachers who brought it back to being a club. Being gay I had felt in my early high school years I had no one to talk to about it and I never knew how to handle it. I also did get comments, so I wanted to create a place where people who supports gay rights or are gay can go somewhere and feel safe and raise awareness.”

Luke goes through a lot of hard work being a leader in GSA which he says, “is an honor and a cool feeling, but it’s a ton of work having all these people relying on you, you need to make sure you know what you are doing and be able to guide others.” In GSA Luke thrives for members in the group who are also gay to have a sense of courage and pride what ever their sexuality is. He wants them to be more aware and hopefully reach out to the LGBTQ community, (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning.)

“Religion being a huge factor in a persons life can be tough on someone who’s gay or a lesbian or a transgender. What do you think upon that?” “Yeah, that also is an issue. Some people think it’s wrong based on religion. Honestly, for me nowhere does it say you can’t be gay or lesbian. I know it must be hard for anyone religious to find out they are gay, and are afraid of being shunned, but isn’t religion about being faithful and believing? If more people, especially in Catholicism and other religions against this, are raised to see its okay, then we can get off to a better start there. Personally would any God want to see his people unhappy or not able to embrace who they are?” says Luke. Some of the activities and discussion the GSA talks about are real life issues and things they hear on the news. There’s also a guide from Project 10 East that helps run a GSA club, it has ideas, activities, facts.

Overall GSA seems to be a very organized and strong club. Luke is a clear example of standing up for what you believe and sticking to it. Even if these people in the GSA believe in something that most people are against they stand their grounds and stick to what they believe: equal rights.