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by Myles Goldman

Imagine during these winter months sitting in a big, comfy, navy chair by a warm fire. Better yet, picture yourself sitting in a black swivel chair by your computer typing nonstop as words eagerly pour out of your mind.  Now, the type of writing I’m referring to is not the English essay due next Monday. Instead, it’s a branch of writing known as creative writing. Students interested in this activity have the opportunity to talk all-things writing every Monday right after school during a session of the WHS club, “Writers Block.”

When entering room A328 on Mondays you’ll meet club organizer Eli Dupree who gained the the position after Jenny Shen, the club’s founder, graduated a few years ago. Writers block according to Eli is, “A place for writers to come and exchange ideas and get feedback from each other.” A general meeting consists of the group discussing stories they have read and their likes and dislikes of those stories. Their current writing projects are another topic explored during the meetings. Those who volunteer either pass around their story or read it out loud. Afterwards, the club’s members critique the piece by offering up both helpful suggestions and where the writer is succeeding. The group will welcome anyone who comes to the meeting and wants their writing piece reviewed before it is summited to Lit Mag.

Eli believes that WHS has, “a small and significant population” of student writers, but that many of them don’t know each other. His goal for the club is to therefore increase the interaction between the school’s student writers. Eli describes that his favorite part of this time is, “talking to interesting people about their interesting ideas.”

Find out the latest news on writer’s block by listening to morning announcements, talking to Eli or seeing Ms. Pelletier, the club’s advisor, in room A328.